1962-1964 Al and Sally Herman Poland

First Lady Bird
CARDINAL BIRDS! – University of Louisville Mascots

In my continued search for information about the “early birds” I had the distinct pleasure to speak with Al Poland. He was the Cardinal Bird for the 1963-1964 sports season. He was helpful and full of stories and had lots of pictures which I will be publishing as I get them organized. It must be a requirement to be friendly and optimistic to be the Cardinal Bird because everyone I have had contact with is exactly that. I wonder if those characteristics are what lead people to become the University of Louisville Cardinal Bird or Lady Bird or if being the mascot instills those qualities. The nature versus nurture debate goes on. I believe it is a little of both. They go into it infused with good nature and cheer and the costume only magnifies what the mascot stands for. They are fine stewards of the legacy and everything the University of Louisville strives to represent.